Representation for Traffic Offenses

Cars on Road - Traffic Offenses

When you're looking for legal representation for traffic offenses, turn to Steven J. Simon Law Office in Albany, New York. Backed by many years of experience, attorney Simon is readily available to fight for you.

Protecting Your Roadway Rights

Traffic offenses, no matter how minor, can have huge consequences. Avoid fines, and potentially losing your license, when you call attorney Simon to protect your roadway rights. He has the experience and knowledge needed to offer representation for various cases, including:

• Aggressive Driving
• Reckless Driving
• Vehicular Assault

  (Alcohol and/or Drugs)
• Vehicular Homicide
• Failure to Stop at the
  Command of a Police
• Driving While License

Aggressive Criminal Defense

When facing criminal charges, you need the right criminal law attorney to fight for you. Come to Steven J. Simon Law Office in Albany, New York, and attorney Simon will develop a criminal defense strategy for you and your case!

Defending You

An arrest does not make you guilty of committing a crime. Baked by many years of experience, criminal defense attorney, Steven J. Simon is ready to fight for your rights to have the charges lessened or withdrawn for all types of crimes:

• Arrests & Warrants

• Misdemeanors
Justice - Criminal Defense

Drug Offenses:

• Drug Trafficking, Deliveries, & Possessions with Intent

• DUIs

• Felony Drug Charges

Contact attorney Simon to develop a criminal defense strategy to protect you and your rights.